Selfi Strip

by QMtel Communications

If you are on your phone now tap the button to open your message app. Snap a Photo and text it to the Selfi Strip. Tap to View Our Selfies

Selfi Strip lets people text selfies to the Internet using a private unlisted phone number. The phone number is the key. Only people that have the number can post pictures. No need to download an app, create an user account or use any hashtags. Selfi Strip is great for parties and special events.

Selfi Strip

The key to the Selfi Strip is the Phone Number that lets you text pictures to the web just like you would text them to your friends phone. Let everyone know who is in the picture by adding a line of text before you hit the send button.
  •  All You Need is the Number.
  •  Everyone Can Have Fun.
  •  The Phone Number is the Key.

Selfi Strip is great for parties and special events. Let everyone have the key and add the number to thier contacts. Then the fun begins. Everyone can take a selfies then see them in on the Internet. Make your SMS Marketing strategy fun for your customers. Click Here for more information.