by QMtel Communications

Would you like to be able to pick up your phone take a picture and text it to a Photo Gallery on your website just like you would send it to another phone.

txtPhotos uses a private unlisted phone number that connects your phone to a photo album on your website. With txtPhotos the phone number is the key. If you have the number then you can txtPhotos. Give Grandma the number and she can txtPhotos from her flipphone. Everyone can txtPhotos because they already have the app.

Photo Strip

The Phone Number is the key that lets you text pictures to the web just like you would text them to another ΓΈ phone. Our Photo Strip application software also lets people a 160 text caption in the body of the message before they hit the send button.
  •  All You Need is the Number.
  •  Everyone Can Have Fun.
  •  The Phone Number is the Key.

Photo Strip web pages are great for parties and special events. Let everyone have the key and add the number to thier contacts. Then the fun begins because now everyone can take a photos on the go then see them in on your web site..